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Thứ sáu, 06 Tháng 7 2012 11:57

24 LED Solar Spotlight & Flood Light

Product Description

The Patio Series 24 LED Solar Spotlight will last for 10 hours at night. It has a built in photocell for automatic operation. The LED lamp has a cast aluminum frame tough glass cover and a black color polish. The normal operation range is between -20 degrees C and +60 degrees C. It can be used to illuminate sheds advertising signs trees the exterior of buildings and for many more outdoor needs.


  • Last 10 hours at night
  • Waterproof wire lead


  • 5W aluminum framed solar module
  • Comes with installation bracket
  • 10 feet long cable to plug
  • Illuminates an area up to 39 x 39 feet
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